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Reclaiming my Lawn--3 1/2 Hrs of 3314H Later----

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As the dutch clover was pretty well bloomed out and the grass needs a few weeks to recoupe from being so long, and we had that rare yellow ball in the sky, I got the sickle mower working today. Here's a few before shots

Alfalfa in the background

My ole trusty

3 shots of mowed off

Glad I had that little patch of Alfalfa to cut. I worked nice on it, least til I had to drive through the cut, just not enough clearance not to drag it along. Think the problems with the clover is it's too fine plus has the blue grass mixed in as it sure don't cut it good. You can sort of see how tall the poplar trees grew since Mem Day when I last mowed.

Now if I get the bright sunny day to dry it I'll try to mulch it with the 3314 towards evening. spent 1 1/2 hours mowing Friday evening, all still too green to much up good but was suppose to rain sat night and keep it up for 5 days. well, Sat. was still nice so after work I got the lawn sweeper going and picked 5 loads up. Lowered the deck and mowed some more too. Now if the stems will only stand up some before it snows.

almost a lawn look

Was wishing I had a deck without rollers. had to cut them clean at least half a doz times. Hard on new seeding if one's not paying attention.

Washed the deck out twice

Did keep one area looking like I own one of the best mowers made:)

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