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After getting enough barn time this summer to get the axle tube (and everything else that went wrong along the way) done on my 312H... I thought I'd paint the rear fenders. I spent the last couple weeks sanding, sanding, priming, sanding, priming... etc.... Today I started the orange... yeah!!! after the 2nd coat I though it would be a good time to get the mowing done out back... hmmm... do you see where this is going? Well, I managed to blow grass on my new paint! Well, the reminder is ... DONT TOUCH if this happens... I wanted to get the grass off but resisted.... It was finally dry enough this afternoon that I could take a soft towel and wipe it down ... just about EVERY little piece came off... well... I wont put another coat on for a couple days now that its more than 4 hours since the last coat... so I guess its another week before this goes back together... what else can you do but laugh!!

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