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Conquest 50 and 54 inch decks

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Finally got around to setting up my second Conquest, actually a Massey Ferguson, which has the 54" deck. My other Conquest has the 50" deck. Late fall mowing probably is not the best way to compare decks and I do need new blades on the 50", but so far I really like the 54" deck. It seems to scalp less, and I like the rollers on the outside. I intend to do all of my mowing with the 54" deck. The 20 hp Vanguard does appear to be a little light for the 54. When I hit the higher grass I really have to slow down. The quality of cut appears to be better with the 54, which surprised me. That was my biggest complaint on the 50" deck as I ran Sovriegns for years. Also I have my cutting height set a little on the high side which could factor in as well. Based on this little bit of experience I would recomend the 54" over the 50".

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