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The Baron gets tanked....

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The 7013S started running like a sack of warts so I checked compression, spark etc. Drained the fuel and looked inside the tank. There was a layer of scum and crud inside the tank. Fortunately I am an obsessive/compulsive hoarder of spare parts so I had a sparkling clean, used, replacement tank at hand:

Interesting tank, notice how it has an original, metal liner on the filler neck. To show you how compulsively I hoard spares, those are spare, rubber tank straps and rubber, hood hold down straps you see behind the tank in the pic. I buy them when I can get them cheap and "pickle" them in Armor All; I put them in a ZipLock bag and pour in some Armor All before storage. Those in the pic have been in storage for several years and came from tractors that were decades old. I used a couple of the "pickled" tank straps to replace the old ones when replacing the tank and they were like new. With a "new" tank, gas lines and filter, the Baron runs like a red tape. Just like they say, replace the fuel delivery system and the bluebird of happy tractoring sings. 90% of problems are fuel related.

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