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Here's a story for you guys that use spray equipment. I always used DuPont products because that's what my supplier sold. I started using Dulux but kept moving up with the newer products looking for durability. One day (I was using Imron at the time), a young aggressive salesman came in selling XIM (which I never heard of). He wouldn’t take “No” for an answer, and finally convinced me to let him into my shop. He sprayed XIM Flashbond 300 on part of a floorjack after just wiping it down with a rag (no sanding). He let me apply a Dulux color coat. The paint really stuck to that jack. I started using XIM and went back to the cheaper, easier to apply Dulux on my trucks and equipment. I don’t know about today, but XIM really worked the last time I used it about 12 years ago. XIM might be worth a try on these tractors, decks, and implements that must take abuse.[A href='http://www.ximbonder.com/']http://www.ximbonder.com/[/a]

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