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New Style Snowblower Problem Solutions

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For those of you who read my earlier posts about quality problems with my new style snowblower, here are my solutions. Auger Problem; as expected the bearing set screws were not tight on the side away from the drive sprocket; and the set screws were gone from the sprocket side bearing:

Bought a couple 1/4-28 set screws at the local auto parts store. Hopefully proper tightening of all the set screws will solve the problem. Gear mesh problem with rotator motor and gear ring. Here's some better pics of the problem; the motor hitting the "guide tab" not allowing the motor to move toward the ring gear:

For reference, here's a pic of the slot in the bottom lip of the chute; you can see this chute bottom is just like the old style chute with the ring gear welded on about a 1/4" up from the lip:

The rotator motor:

Since the motor housing is plastic and the guide tab is metal, I decided to remove some of the plastic from the motor case where the case hit the "guide tab":

I haven't reinstalled the motor yet, but I think I'll have enough clearance for proper gear mesh. Hopefully I haven't damaged the rotator motor. Before I cut the case, I did some price checking/availability of a replacement motor. Jack's price for the motor (#1728965) is $86.36. The motor has a mfg sticker, it's a AMequipment #210-1011 motor, $25.99 at "the Robot MarketPlace". Chute rotator drive cover tab/hole problem; a couple pics:

The hole was too small for the tab. I took a while, but using needle files I was able to enlarge the hole to accept the tab. I first I thought the hole should have been a notch and the vertical cuts weren't made. But to make the cover sit level (the cover holds the gear on the motor shaft) the tab needed to be in the hole so I removed metal above the factory cut to have the cover sit as level as possible. The the final problem was the lack of a spacer over one of the chain guard cap screws. I made a spacer out of 5/8" OD PVC pipe. So now all is ready to make the repairs.

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