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Update on B-210 Vari speed drive ( found problem

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I thought I had checked it out thoroughly when I pulled this drive apart ( wrong ). I took the rear pulley apart again and discovered my problem, The half pulley on the outside ( closest to the transmission fork ) slides on a driven slide spacer. My spacer was frozen in the pulley. I drove it out with a large brass punch, cleaned it up, oiled it and put it back together. It works real nice now but I do have an occasional squeal coming from that area. I am guessing maybe the sealed ball bearing ? The vari drive works well and tractor shifts without problems. I also readjusted the neutral safety switch like Kent suggested because this was causing shifter to not shift easily. I must say that working on the vari drive was easy and not one of those repairs that makes you curse. So far I am very pleased with my tractor considering when I bought it I was told by a mechanic who was the one selling it that it had a blown motor ( wrong ). Frozen exhaust valve, which I was able to free up. I rebuilt the carb, using the tips from " my notebook " ( Precision Engine Repair ). Cleaned combustion chamber while working on exhaust valve. new spark plug and it runs great, not to mention my custom JB Weld job on carb. I have adjusted vari drive, drained and replaced engine oil twice, bevel gear box, and transmision.

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