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4041 Carb Problems Resolved


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It's funny. I was all worried about hauling the 4041 Tractor Loader Backhoe all the way to Rhinelander last weekend because it loaded my trailer to the max that the axle would handle. Anyway, some good came out of the long (4 hour) haul. Ever since I got the tractor running, I've had to start it with starting fluid or Gumout. Well, I thought it strange when we pulled into the picnic, and with a croud around my trailer, that the tractor started normally. Ever since then, the tractor has been starting normally. The moral of the story? If you have a dirty, gummed up carburetor, throw your tractor on a trailer and haul it to your regional club picnic. The vibratory cleaning action works every time. Go Figure! Powermax_Paul
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