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Off subject Question-gas post hole augers

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Has anyone ever used those two cycle post hole augers? They sell a one and a two man version. Wondering if they are really worth the bucks if you are digging alot of holes. Thanks, Sam

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I've used the same Tanaka 1 man auger for 15 years (Did you see it in my Gypsy Wagon?). Best part is, unlike a 2 man, I can use it without asking for help. Don't know how many holes I've dug, but I'm ready for my 8th cutter (boring through blacktop wears them out after a while). This thing is amazing. I've NEVER replaced any mechanical part. Pictured is a 6" auger. 8" is okay, but anything larger whips me around pretty good. Are they worth the money..? You bet..! I not only use mine for post holes, but for breaking the top crust if I want to dig a hole by hand. Most recently, I dug the holes for my wife's garden plants (she got mad because I took the "fun" [work] out of gardening).[A href='http://home.att.net/~herb.niewender/wagon-seq.jpg'][img src='http://home.att.net/~herb.niewender/tanaka-seq.jpg'][/a]

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