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flywheel cover baffle-problem solved!!

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Been having issues with the governor not working right on the Wonderboy. I had picked up a parts engine and put the carb from it on mine and it runs better but still the governor isn't working right. Today I was playing with it and noticed that there is a baffle on the flywheel cover that the recoil is bolted to that kind of slides in behind the flywheel on one side, on the parts engine cover. On mine, this baffle has been mostly cut off so that it is only about 1/2 inch wide instead of well over 1 inch like the other one. Do you think this is affecting the wind vane governor? I have no experience with wind vane setup so just guessing, but I would imagine this could change the flow or amount of wind at the vane. Anyone have a comment? I will try to switch the covers tomorrow but the recoil from the parts engine is not in very good shape so will need to switch them from one cover to the other to do it. Steve Well, I changed out the covers. The one from the parts engine had the right recoil for the year so I cleaned it and oiled it and got it working. Then installed the new cover and recoil that had the wide baffle on it. The wonderboy has never run so good! The three bolt carb is working great, and the governor is working like it should. I mowed the front yard and it ran great. And, with the new spark plug, it starts when hot now too! Have to admit, I didn't see that one coming. The plug was only a year old and it worked fine as long as it was cold. When it warmed up a bit, it somehow lost ground. I didn't get pics of the replacement cover, but here are a couple of the one that was on the engine. The half inch wide pc. should be over 1 1/4 inches wide. That difference changed the air pattern enough that the wind vane wouldn't work. Steve

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