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Rear lift bar update.


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Arrrrrgggghhhhh!! Took my broken rear lift bar to town to have it repaired.(first mistake) Paid way to much to get it done "right away" (second mistake) Put it back on the tractor and used it. (third) Within 15 minutes it bent and also damaged my neutral safty switch. Should have just done what Ken suggested and replace with a threaded rod and added a clevic and pin to the rear. Welding.... even with the "reinfocement" as shown in the picture is obviously not the answer. Found a replacement from Wally, so hopefully will back in the dirt moving business in a week or so. Even with the problems, This little tractor is the COOLEST thing in the ol shed!!!! http://www.cartogra.com/opx-bin/OpxFIDISA.dll?src%3D/rs/03E3162D-71CA-11D5-B429-0090277A760E/orig%2C0%2C0%2C1%2C1%2C400%2C%2Cffffff%2C90%2C0
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