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i have been having a problem with the 9hp landlord for quite some time. it would run for several minutes, then quit. two minutes later it would restart. sounds like a fuel problem. i would look at the glass bowl filter to see what was in it and if it was flowing. i would look at the plastic in line fuel filter to see if there was flow there. next was draining the tank, usually to find water and ethanol sludge in it. (the tractors are all parked outside, tarped until the wind or the dogs get at them). this weekend has been no different. but after cleaning the system and still having the problem, i thought it might be the ignition or air flow. the air filter is/was a foam thing that crumbles to dust if you touch it. the local mower shop had a b&s fuel filter, the red plastic kind, so i got that. but they didnt have the air filter. can get it midweek...for about $25!!! i'll wait, thanks put in the red fuel filter and the tractor ran until the garden was tilled, and then ran around the yard as i did other stuff. apparently the old filter passed enough fuel to allow me to see fuel in motion but couldn't keep up with demand. so simple. duh!!

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