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Deutz Allis Paint match

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Hi, I am repowering a 330 Owatonna skid loader. I wanted to clean up the paint and it is no longer available to Owatonna dealers. I took a panel to one of my supplier and said I wanted to get some industrial paint that would cover like tar. They had a chip in a Terrex color. It was close. 1 part John Deere Green and 1 part John Deere yellow. Problem they were out of the green at the warehouse. I went home and took 2 John Deere spray cans and a 3 oz Dixie Cup. Sprayed 2 seconds of green and 2 seconds of yellow. Stirred and with a Q tip dabbed the skidloader. Then sprayed 1 second more yellow and repeated. Then another second of yellow and repeated. I ended up going to John Deere and buying 2 quarts of Green and 2 of yellow. I went home and mixed one green and one yellow. Painted the skidloader and it turned out good. I noticed that the paint is almost a perfect match to a Deutz Allis 816 I have here. When the engine is running in the skid loader I will put them side by side and take and post a pic. With the JD repower work I am doing, I use quite a bit of John Deere spray paint. I hate to say this because I have been a very loyal Simplicity Dealer since 1980, but this John Deere paint covers and flows better than any paint I use. You can spray a John Deere with a spray can and tomorrow add a second coat, no problem. With Simplicity paint the orange covers well and is close to JD paint, but one problem. IF YOU PAINT WITH SIMPLICITY SPRAY CANS AND TOMORROW OR IN A WEEK PUT A WET COAT OVER A DRIED COAT, IT WILL SHRIVEL UP AND WRINKLE. The white doesn’t cover as well as the orange and shrivels worse. We use several hundred dollars worth of Simplicity paint on refurbing our used tractors in a year. We understand it is one and done. Also the JD paint is cheaper. I intend to discuss this issue in Louisville when I go to the Outdoor Power Equipment (OPE) Expo at the end of October. This is the worlds largest Outdoor Power Show in the world. At these shows, the big guns from all of the companies are there asking people for input that they could get from their service people if the only had the vision to ask them. Regarding Simplicity, I am excited that Harold Redman is now the president of Briggs and Stratton Yard products group. He held a number of high level positions in the pre Briggs Simpliciy Company. He is a CLASS ACT, he understands Simplicity and brings the values that made the company what it is, to the company now. He is a very smart guy and is very open minded and easy to talk to, we should all be excited he is at the helm. Al Eden

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Al I'm no expert when it comes to paint work but I have run into that same issue with other brands of spray paint. It works best if you reshoot within 5 hrs (roughly), once you let it dry the the new coat of paint will bite into the older and voila you have a mess. Precisely why I am working with using automotive paints and a spray gun to do my paint work!

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I have been using the construction yellow to restore my B series, and agree the quality is great. I have also mixed AC oraange, and Ford red to get close to Simplicity Orage (round hoods). Both paints were from same supplier (Fleet Farm)

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