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I thought when I got my 9hp LL rebuilt a couple years ago a new connecting rod would keep it from metal fatigue based failure. Turns out, yesterday I was mowing along like usual on the second customer yard of the day about 2.5 hrs of run time so far(averaging 5-6 a week) POP!!! and stopped flat. Turns all but the top of the stroke in both directions. I pulled the spark plug out and it was peened flat(ouch). Pulled the cyl head off and it turns out the entire top of the piston shattered into 3 main peices. One of which also bent the exhaust valve, which had been replaced and machined last winter(grr..) Has anyone had this happen before, where the rod is fine and the piston blows? What's a really annoying is the piston was 35 bucks when I did the rod, now its 65.:(

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