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46" Snowblower on Sovereign Issues

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In an August 2011 post, hotrodtractor asked about putting a new 46” single stage snowblower on a Sovereign. I commented that there would be some issues. I’m finally getting around to posting some pics of the 46” single stage snowblower (mfg #1694296) and mounting issues. First some overall pics:

Notice the larger tunnel, it’s 11.5” wide OD (10.8” ID at wear plates) and it’s much taller, about 14.375” high (sitting level):

The lift arm bracket/hole is also much taller about 24” vs 15”:

Some “mounted” pics to show some issues. I didn’t have a 7100 series tractor handy for the photo session, so I used a 7000 series tractor. (IMO, the mounting issues would be the same or maybe worse with the 7100 series front frame/hood setup.) Overview pics:

Closeups of the sides, the stock single pulley hitch “arms” are too short:

If you tilt the tunnel down to try to use the snowblower mounting holes, the single pulley interferes with the top of the tunnel and the hitch “arms” are still too short (and there are issues with belt alignment (belt would hit the top of the tunnel) and the skids/wear edge relationship to the ground with the snowblower not level):

The correct matching hitch for a Prestige, Conquest, etc (mfg #1694286):

And finally, the snowblower with matching hitch mounted on a Prestige:

I think the main issue is the Prestige/Conquest frame must sit higher for the vertical shaft engine, so everything is taller(?). Anyway, it’s too much work for me to adapt the 46” snowblower to fit my Sovereigns, so it’s going to go. I’ll just have to make do with my 1 year old 4 paddle 42” snowblower.

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