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i started out to make this tractor with powersteering and a 20 hp kohler well one month later its got a 17 hp kohler and no powersteering, i thru a deck under it and mowed my lawn worked great and steers easy, but i found a problem the cone clutch was spining took it off and found the key way was gone all that was there was a weld but not that good if i tighten it down it works good but dont know if it will last would it be ok to weld it and grind it down or just replace it ?

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Dave , tractor looks good. You could try it for now at the worst part you would have to change the parts out later is all . And if you have to change out the BGB there not all that bad just time . But I maybe able to help you change them out if needed . My garage is always ready for a quick task to be taken again .

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        Over a year ago, you answered a question I had about the tool bar for my FDT. In your reply dated Dec 31, 2019  you said the spacer, part #16, goes in the bar to allow for up and down depth adjustment. does this mean the bolt has to be tightened at whatever depth desired or does the bolt slide up and down, allowing the lower hitch to free float?
         If it is tightened so the lower hitch and the bar are rigid, then is the depth to be controlled by the shoes? Or by the lift handle?
        Is there any kind of user directions for the tool bar? The Outdoor Power Manual basically shows how to assemble the bar but not how to use it
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      ISO a deck for a 6516 H and all the connecting hardware any ideas on where to start?
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