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Snowblower Resto/Spout Rotator Fab (Redo Finished)

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This is the E-Bay Snowblower I showed a few weeks ago. I also bought a window motor from E-Bay for $10+shipping to use as a spout rotator.

Cut some spacers from 3/8" steel pipe so it will mount level.

I used a pc. of heavy rubber hose to transition from the motor gear to the conduit (cable winder). I had a small ball bearing set to use at the top of the conduit.

Had to weld on a bolt for a new cable attachment. It must be on opposite side of spout from rotator to give full range of rotation...

Tested operation...Works awsome!

I am sanding and will be ready for Primer & Paint today... Will post Final Pics tomarrow...Thanks

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The spring is a great idea. I think I'll add that. To answer NandoG : I can raise it with out hitting the hood...I'm not That Stupid But opening/tilting the hood WILL hit: Evidently I AM that stupid...never even thought of it...LOL Thanks guys...I always value opinions/advice. that should be why we do this forum sm01
Originally posted by D-17_Dave
Very nice. Maybe add a spring to the extra bolt welded to keep the tension on the cable nice and tight.

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I finished the sanding, priming & painting...Decal order arrived just as the paint dried.

THEN...I came in & ck'd the forum. Thanks NandoG for the headsup on the clearance issue. I knew it would clear the hood but it concerened me enough to make sure...

I decided to change it anyway...all it took was a few new holes & a bit more paint to touch-up...

By moving the rotator this close I needed to wind the cable in a figure 8 pattern to give it the full range of rotation.

I ran electricals from a Polarity-Revesing switch on the dash for left & right rotation. I installed an Electric Lift in the tractor this past summer... Well it passed full test trials: IT has full motion left, right, up & down with no clearance or mechanical issues...I very happy with it for a first try (& 2nd try)sm01 p.s. Here's a shot of my old Snowblower too, I painted it last summer but I just got new decals for it also...

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