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64 Landlord Rides Again!

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Hello All: After about 5 tries I finally got my tractor running after the rebuild. It seams that whoever had the engine apart the last time had a bogus timing mark on the camshaft. I was trying to time off of this mark and it was really screwing me up. After a couple of weeks and posts to you guys I finally figured it out. I sat down and calculated when the valves should open in relation to the crank placement. When I put it back together where I thougt it should be the actual factory timing mark came out really faint. I was only a couple of teeth off so I readjusted. Goes to show never trust what you think is the timing mark. I can say one thing I am getting good at tearing down and putting together. I timed myself (no punn intended) and the time it took me from having the crank and cam on the bench until the tractor was running was just over an hour. Now all I have to do is finish up a couple of other misc. things and I am done. My 3 year old son has also learned so much with me on this project. Mom is getting a little tired of me bringing in a greasy kid every night. Thanks so much for all of your help as always. I am so glad we have such a great site as this. Regards, GR-Made

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Congratulations! I am also getting a 64 Landlord going again, but had to replace the engine. The old engine needs the crank redone. What was the extent of your rebuild? I you have some dimensions from the connecting rod pin I would appreciate an e-mail. I still plan on rebuilding the original so any info you can share would be great. I was trying to involve my 14 yr old but not much interest shown. Keep your son involved and it will be great education for him as he gets older. Cheers!

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