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single wheel cultivator

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There's instrux on that someplace here. Biggest issue is you first have to shrink the filesize of the image. I use freebee download program called "Irfanview" (just Google it) - it does the shrink via menu commands ("resize") - easy - use it to open the image file, and just pick the size you want - approx 100 Kbytes. I usually copy the 'original image' to a New Folder and do the shrink work on the "copy" image so if I mess up, I can start again with the original image; (copy it again to the new folder, as many times as it takes). So original is preserved, available, intact, unchanged. With a shrunk image, follow site instrux, using the "paperclip" icon to browze to your new "smaller .jpg "file. (most pix are jpeg, or .jpg file extensions, or filetypes) Computer noobeez need to know about the rightclick menu - I have taught a lot about that - my GF still doesn't get it - well sometimes. Just copy the original image to a new folder - after that, you can't break anything. Mouse clicks are like pointers - they point the computer to the right direction, the right area, the right object, etc. Left click is "select", right click gives a "list of all possible operations" you can perform on the 'selected' object. just keep clicking until you get what you want - a click is a command - or just cancel or close when it just ain't right. (no change) and then start over again, as required. You can also edit or delete your posts here, if it isn't what you want. There's lot of options; relax, go slow, and let it happen. (assumes you are using M$ "windoze".) if you are using a mac, I don't even know how to turn them on. :D (you can pm or email me if you like more detailed help) hope this helps.

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Originally posted by bgosh
Sorry it didn't work.I don't know enough about these computers to what I want to do.
Here are some instructions to help you thread the needle and if you still have problems, PM me and I will send you my E-mail address and you can send me the picture and I'll post it.

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