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It's guaranteed not to snow again this year...

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because now I will be doing it in style if it does. Got some great pointers and parts from BLT for doing an electric chute rotater. Had enough stuff here to do both mine and my dad's tractor, so I will have to make another setup for my dad's and install it so that whoever blows out my mom's driveway(sometimes me as well), will have the convenience of not having to rotate the chute by hand. Anyways got the chute rotater mounted and wired up.....

Then I got to finishing all the goodies for the cab. I mounted up a light bar with two lights on top of the cab and a yellow strobe light so I don't get creamed out at the end of my driveway that is on a county highway.

The cab was from a 7000 series tractor so it had the slot on the left side for the hand lift and since I don't need that I thought it was a good place to mount up my switch panel. Cut a piece of stainless and mounted my switches and installed.

I have four switches, one for the strobe, one for the top lights, one for a dome light that I forgot to take a picture of, and another for a blower/heater that I bought off of Amazon. It has a mount that I mounted on the right side, but it also dismounts off of the mount and you can use it on the other windows incase they frost up.

I really don't know how much it will heat up the cab, but it's enough heat coming out that you can probably blow snow with no gloves on and if the fingers get cold, you can put them in front of the heater for a bit to warm them up. I wired all of this into a set of wires that go down and connect under the dash with splices so I can disconnect the entire cab and leave all of this wiring together. BLT gave me a couple Bosch relays and I wired one in and took the main power lead straight off of the battery with a 30 amp inline fuse for everything. The heater/blower is portable and came with a cigarette lighter plug on one end and a 25 amp fuse inline so I kept that all intact and wired in a cigerette lighter outlet that is behind the switch panel, that way I can unplug it and use it in the truck if I want to or I can unplug it and plug in a car charger for my cellphone etc. Didn't install a radio, but I think I'm going to get a set of those earmuffs/radio for working outside as I have a bunch of farm tractors here also and it would be nice to have for doing hay etc. Well, now that this is all done there is no way we will see snow again this winter! LOL By the way BLT, thanks for all of the parts and wisdom.

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Great job. The chute turner is on my list, but not just yet. Gathering the parts, and will have to see. I also added a strobe, and some rear lights to avoid traffic issues. Everything looks nice a clean. Looks like the strobe and lights are mounted to a cross bar. Good idea.

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