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simplicity cultivator

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You stole that baby! I've seen them bring some pretty good money some times. Looks like it's setup a bit funny, and has a mod or two, but still a great cultivator. The model for the riders was 990209, and there's really no difference between them and the late walk behind model, other than the orientation of the jack screw and the hitch point (which is adjustable on most walkbehind models).

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Originally posted by mowinman2
Who in the world is going to go culitivate the garden in khakis and dress shoes. I love the old ads and pics!
Right! Different time...I think they were depicting the EASE of gardening! 8) I should add, those cultivators work extrememly well. Once you get your gauge wheels set, then adjustment is very easy, on the fly, and the 7 sweeps make a nice pass in the garden. The tool holder bars are 24" wide, and when widened to it's max, the outermost tools will be 3" outside that on each side, for a total path of 30". Of course, they can be reconfigured to run like a rowcrop machine (pictured above) over short plants with the center sweep removed, or even have a hiller attached for early season hilling. I find mine easier to wrestle in storage than the later 990398/900699 type simply because you can roll it around, and it's not as broad. Those guys are pretty wide, and for cultivating a garden with grown plants, you need pretty good sized spacing between rows, or you'll be busting off peppers, beans and everything else. I like the ease of mounting the sleeve hitch version as well as the narrower path and greater adjustability.

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