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One of Maynards......New photos 3/18/12

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This is the HB112 that I purchased from Maynard's collection. After recently parting two more flat hoods, I think I've come up with a good engine for HB. Waiting for my Briggs order to arrive for final engine reassembly. Swapped most everything from the HB engine which used more oil than gas. Tractor was an earlier resto needed some detailing and cleaning as evidenced by the pile of crud in the rag on the floor.
Engine out, needs more cleaning!
A large portion of the crud, the whole area was black when I started!
12 hp painted up waiting final reassembly and installation

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Todays update, engine is assembled and ready for installation after settng the air gap on the magneto coil.
Setting the air gap on the mag coil.
Assembled engine waiting for installation. Cleaned and painted the voltaage regulator cover and starter generator but no pics of them today. Need to renove the dash tower to clean the out frame, more to come tommorrow as it looks like another nice spring day.

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Well I spent quite a bit of tome on the HB this week. Here are the latest photos of the HB112.
This is what I was facing after removing the tank support, and hydrolift.
After cleaning!
Hydrolift, driveshaft and engine installed.
Fuel tank after cleaning, repair and paint. Found a couple of holes in that needed repair.
If you look closely you can almost see the repair spot! Unfortunatley I skipped over the installtion of the cleaned tank support, fuel tank and dash tower.
Finished product, runs great, drives good but showing signs of the dreaded pintle shaft leak, guess I'll put this one on the back burner for further repair though it makes a good mule for towing the cart around. Still has a ton of grease and oil on it that needs to get cleaned off of the chassis all in due time.

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Looks good Reed, I see you used a Zippo gap gauge for the air gap. The engine looks super! Spring weather here was a teaser! Had to move my chemicals into the basement today, tomorrow night is supposed to go down to the 20s. Shaker cans don't like to be kept in a freezer! Only day scheduled to be over 60 is also supposed to rain. Mother Nature is putting the breaks on my 2110 project for a little while. Wayne

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