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Valve lash on Briggs model 19.

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Ray, (or anybody) I am getting a reading of 22 thou on the exhaust and 10 thou lash on the intake. I do not know the spec's on these. Do you know off hand? Thank you, Gene.

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Gene, Those numbers will work. I use 8 and 18 thou. on all mine. You should be fine with 10 and 21. Might get a little tick, but won't hurt a thing. A little work with a valve lapping cup and some fine lapping compound will bring you into spec. You would need to remove the keepers and springs to do that. That can be a daunting task if you don't have the correct tools. I.E. A spring compresser and pencil magnet. I use a flat screwdriver with a dab of sticky grease to reinstall the keepers. A tiny piece of rag to plug the drain hole is also a good thing. The keepers can be fished out of the oil pan with said pencil magnet. Ask me how I know.C Good luck, Jim

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Sorry the I kept pushing the valves. On the ones I worked on, I found zero clearance on one of the valves. The only other two things I can think of is either a bad coil, or a fuel flow problem. Be sure to check your fuel line. On an auto, I had a flap of rubber come loose inside a fuel line. It would run for a while then shut off as the flow pushed the flap across the inside of the hose. When the engine was shut off, the flap would go back to the side of the hose and then the engine would start up and run again. I spent weeks trying to find that one. Good luck.

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