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deck bearing replacement

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I havent rebuilt the spindles on my 738 for several years and finally the noise got my attention earlier this week. Well got oreilley auto parts to order my bearing and began tear down after mowing my and another neighborhood yard today. This is where I actually did something in the past to help myself, not the other way around as usual. Afeer taking loose the nut on top the pullies easily pulled of by hand with just a little effort. No BFH, no torch, no press. I remembered as I tore the first one down that I had coated the pulley and shaft with antisieze the last time they were apart. Last time with the beating and banging it turned into an entire day ordeal. The kind of thing where you and your buddies beg your wife to make a beer run because the job had run way over, you know the kind. Anyway, you may want to try the antisieze the next time your have your deck apart. It really helped out this time. Less than an hour to do all three. Just so you know.....

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