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correct color for wards squire


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Can anyone give me the correct color for a Wards Garden Mark Squire,preferably in a Ditzler or other readily available brand? The tractor is circa 1961 and was once orange-red.The neighbor who left me the tractor when he moved painted it green&yellow,but I want to restore it to its original color.On another note,you guys are a crack up. Dutch-the gypsy wagon was surely aptly named.What a beauty-and functional too.I just know no one else on your block has one.Bet they all wish they did though.Kent-I have tried several times to use the B&S link and keep getting the Site Not Found message.Whats up with that?One last question,so far the air cleaner assembly for the model 19 engine is MIA.I'm going to root around in the junk pile next door and see if I can find it.If not does anyone know what a fair ball park figure would be? I believe the original was an oil bath type. Thanks,Rob
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