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OHC quirks (need help)

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Hello all. I purchased a set of "clean out plugs" for my OHC on my Sov. After removing the engine, installing the plugs (as per the supplied instructions that came with the plugs), and then reinstalling the engine back into the tractor I have come across the following problem. When my tractor is warmed up properly I get a surging, (seems like the tractor is fuel starved). I have checked my RPM (runs between 3450-3550 rpm under load i.e. mower is engaged. My idle is set at 1750rpm, under no load i.e. mower disengaged.) However, I noted today that when I got into some heavy grass (4-6" high) that my tractor nearly stalled out...not normal at all) I have checked my plugs...they look normal I just finished cleaning my air filter, both the paper one, and the foam pre-cleaner. If I did get some sediment into the carb, or any part of the fuel delivery system when I installed the clean out kit, could this cause the symptoms I have been noticing? If so, is it okay to run some carb cleaner with a tank of gas to clear it out? Oh, and I always run at full throttle when working the tractor. Or, does this seem to be a completely different issue? Thanks all, (sorry about the long drawn out story, did'nt know how else to explain the situation) GordU PS. Unfortunately, the carbs on these OHC have very limited adjustments, (or maybe it is a fortunate thing?).

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Similar problem post with some good info. http://www.simpletractors.com/clubhouse/ShowMessage.asp?MsgID=2657&mode=short&startwith=0 Sentiment in the carb could clog the jets and I don't know if carb/gas treatment would clean it out unless is was water. Other than the above: My OHC (fairly new) was doing the same thing, so I did the following and it is running alot better (so far...): 1.) "Bypassed" the seat cutoff by wrapping a electricians nylon wire wrap around it due to large bumpy lawn. 2.) Added some gas treatment ("white gas"). Added 3.5-4oz to 6gal gas container since 1 bottle (12 ounce) works on 20 gal of gas. Now I do it routinely. 3.) Make sure the gas tank cap venting is open and clear. Found this out when the tractor was running rough on a hot day like the engine was starved. Shutoff the tractor and CAREFULLY opened the gas cap and found a load of vapors coming out. Closed the gas cap and the engine started running fine again. The gas cap (kind with the gas gauge) venting was not working. Figured that it might be causing a couple possible things : On a hot day, the vapors pressurized the flow causing the fuel to dump too much in the carb or/and the lack of air coming into the gas tank was causing a vapor lock effect of starving the carb/engine. Not sure which but making sure the venting was open and clear seemed to help quite a bit. Maybe some of the more seasoned tractor "mechanics" can offer more. Just a few thoughts, hope it helps.

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      Hello glad I got on this site. I hope to upload a couple of photos of my Simplicity Broadmoor 
      Model 707 Tractor. I have replaced all the belts on it and installed a new ignition switch.
      Have a mower deck which was in poor shape , repaced a couple of bushings and welded the
      deck where there was some holes. The tractor and mower deck came from a friend and the 
      mower deck metal was getting pretty thin. Some new metal was put in it and we also undercoated the underside of the deck. This was done by my friend Greg Toulman.
      I have not put the mower deck on the tractor yet, waiting for Greg to come home and give me a hand. Can you please tell me if there is a manual for the mower deck and where I could get one.
      I would also like to get some moon wheel discs as well.
      I will try and down load some photos of the tractor when my wife shows me how to. 
      I really love driving this tractor and also how well it is made compare today's tractors, especially the flexible rear end and the rollers.
      Tell the next time 
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      folowing  this from a link at the downloads.  I just rescued an AC 920 with the lambodini diesel. I can' t download  yet .  Where did you find the PDF copy you posted. . I would like to figure out how to adjust the injection pump. 
      I assume it's a bosche, correct
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