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1977 Catalog of Allied Attachments for Simplicity


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Wanted to point this one out, since it has quite a few "surprises" in it -- for me a least... Examples: 1) Bucketeer and a different, rear-mounted bucket much like a Johnny Bucket 2) Two different chipper/shredders -- one a true "chipper-shredder" while the other is a "compost grinder" without the brush chipping capability 3) Several Pow'rMax attachments that I'd heard of, but seen no literature on -- backhoe, trencher, hard-side cab, etc. The "bummer" is that it doesn't say who the manufacturers were for this equipment.... P.S. Thanks to Carl Harcourt for loaning this catalog -- I didn't know that Simplicity had even published such a thing....[A href='http://www.simpletractors.com/simplicity/1977_allied_attachments.htm'][img src='http://www.simpletractors.com/images/allied_atch/ft_cover_small.JPG'][/a]
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