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Hi, I have some more pics. etc. I would like to comment about one thing. The comment about me and inside info. I really don't have inside info. I am a person that has a very curious mind and if I am in the Drs. office or in a restaurant, if someone is alone, I will speak and maybe ask? You from around here etc, and if they seem friendly, the conversation will go to what do you do etc. I learn a lot from people, and most like to tell about themselves if you are sincerely interested. If they just answer my question without any encouragement, I respect their privacy and drop it. If I go anywhere, I have a need to know what I am seeing or missing. Over the years I have been involved with a lot of people at Simplicity. If we see a problem in a new tractor that could be common, we call the factory and try to get to the person that deals with the problem. I call someone I know and say who do I need to talk to. Pretty soon we know who to call etc. If it is a normal deal, we just file the warranty, and let the system take care of it, but it is something like a hose routing where a years run later the problem is finally in the field, we would call. Everything we can do to make our products better, is better for us. Usually there are a year or 2's build of tractors made before the failure show up in the field, then the warranty claims show the problem and its already big. I have called about new products also, like the Sun Star 26 inch tires as soon as it came out. Also the anti-scalp rollers on the front of the 60" deck, I had SN 7 when they came out and in 2 wks had widened rims, 26" tires and had fabricated anti-scalp rollers using JD 111 rollers. Took pics and called up to the factory and they sent a rep down and in a month both were available, not exactly like mine, but even more improved. When you help people, they help you, and they know they can call you. In 81 we won a cruise and there were many other dealers and most of Sim management, and won a trip to Acupulco same deal. Made a lot of friends. Friend is what you get out of llfe. Anyway I want to post some more pics from the 2012/13 open house.

Conquest with rear suspension, also note the mesh seat, really cool.

Optional Fabricated deck for Prestige and Conquest. I am going to post some Pics from the Briggs Distribution center. It is awsome. Will do on another Post. Al

[br Legacy with the new optional HD fabricated 60" Deck.

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Looks like an cutting height may be controlled from the instrument panel now as an electric motor replaces the hand crank. Interesting improvements.

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I like what they done to the Conquest and Prestige. They improved on a tractor that is already great! I know someone that has 3,000 hours and counting on their Conquest. They mow commercially with it. Everything original except the carburetor and front tires. Now that's testimony!!

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Originally posted by jmhusby
The cutting height from the dash has been around a while. My 08 Prestige had it.
need to get out more-visit the showrooms. Wasn't an option on my '02 Conquest

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      Good morning peeps! I’m always searching for helpful information with my AC collection. Hope to find out new information and pass on my own experience in restoration. Here are some pics of my babies. I’m still looking for front rims for the 410 so yesterday I put the 310 wheels on took it for a drive. Working pretty good but still needs some carb work. Gotta get the 310 running next. Have a great day!😁

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