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Briggs Parts Dist Center Tour

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Hi, Hope I have solved the pic problem. Will try again.

These aisles are in the 45 foot tall area. If you note the stripe down the center it is the computer info control wire. If you note the spot about 10 inches over about 40 feet from the front is a magnet that is the high speed limit stop for the picker.

These pickers have forks that can turn sideways and move left or right. They can come to the front of the isle and rotate the forks and pick up a pallet either on the left or right. In the aisle they are computer controlled. They run at speeds of up to 15 miles per hour. When the units are putting pallets away the operator is in the operators compartment. When Picking an order they are outside on a platform/pallet with a 5 compartment large box. The computer runs the picker to the proper location and level. Each box has a bar code order. At the pick point the operator grabs the part and scans it and the box it goes in. In the meantime the computer is speeding him to the next pick. When done the parts are loaded on a conveyer to the next area. The units are driven to the aisles, but when over the wire, they turn control over to the computer. The pickers have high efficiency batteries and chargers. As with older fork lifts, changing battery packs for charged ones is eliminated. I wish I had taken more pics of these, but it is hard to listen and take pics and view.

This is one aisle of a small parts pick area on a mezzanine. These rows are thousands of bins of small parts. These are loaded on a cart with the order listing locations in sequence again everything is scanned in against the order tab. Every action is scanned.

Another pick area in another aisle on the mezzanine. Note all of the aisles off to the left. A point I meant to add every individual bag or box no matter how small is track able back to the person the sealed the bag or boxed the condenser, etc. Amazing at how well the controls are and accurate packaging and order filling are all a part of quality.

You are looking at a 74 year old person that survived a long walk and stair climb to the mezzanines etc. Sorry my shirt is out, my injured ribs were killing me, but it was worth every second of it. Also you are looking at THE MOST TOLERANT woman in the world, she puts up me and has for 36 years. She has given me the best 36 years of my life. I will find out where tolerance ends when she finds I posted this pic. Thanks, Al

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As always, thanks Al for all you contribute to the club. As for the Mrs, she's always welcome to post here too. We might all get a better education then we were exspecting.

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Very nice tour Al, thanks for taking us along. Did they happen to mention the daily volume of outbound pieces? I'd be curious to know, given their order selection method.

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