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Electric PTO Insights

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I have been ducking the Electric PTO issue on my Landlord DLX all summer. The PTO has been functional, but lately I have been having problems with the battery going dead. Besides mowing, I spend about an hour a week pulling a sprayer through the vineyard or doing other tasks with the PTO disengaged, which gave the battery a chance to recharge. I had my suspicions that something was amiss. The PTO seemed unusually sensitive to the gap adjustment, and the resistance of coil on the PTO seemed unusually low, at about 1 ohm. Doing a bit of quick math, I figured it was drawing about 130 watts, or close to the capacity of the charging circuit. After being stranded twice in the last couple of weeks (it always happens at the farthest point from the garage) I figured it was time to settle the issue once and for all. After doing an actual check of the current draw, at 11 amps, I called the dealer to find out what the current draw should really be, and found out that the Electric PTO clutches should draw no more than 3 or 4 amps. Parts Tree had the part for about $175, which was a relief after hearing tales of $300 PTOs when I was running Cubs. The local Simplicity dealer in Lineboro had it for a competitive price, and had it in stock, so I got it from him, and in the cross counter chat, I found out that the guy across the counter also did homemade wine.

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