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Kohler KT-19 (2 cyl) Trouble & Solution


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I started mowing this season a month ago, and the old Kohler
became harder and harder to start (longer and longer periods
of cranking). Then, skipping (sounded like running on
one cylinder briefly trying to attain full throttle, Then
smoothing out, but not quite. Next got to the point it
wouldn't start at all. Unhappy camper 8<(
Installed and gapped new points and plugs, new condenser,
new plug wires.
No start. Super unhappy camper. 8<))
Coil checked out OK. Fire at left jug plug, none on
right. The coil has two fairly deep wells with points
deep inside to contact the plug wires.
Solution cleaned up the the condenser sockets real good,
soaped the plug wire a bit so it would slide all the way
down and fully seat in the condenser. Next step would have
been a compression check.
Started right up, smooth as silk, no more rough running.
Runs like new. Happy camper. 8<)
Moral: Try everything possible on the simple stuff before
deciding a valve job or short block is the answer. It may
be, but try EVERYTHING else first.
Thanx for listening.
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