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Coming Out Of Retirement


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Well, I finally brought the 3212H out of retirement. I had to put a new seat on it and switch out some pulleys. I fired it up and let it run long enough to get the oil warm enough to change. I treated the motor with some Z-Max. Sharpened the blades on the deck that was on the 3212V, greased the spindles and fitted the deck up under the "H". I took the "H" out in the yard and started mowing. Compared to the "V", the "H" was like a racecar. I didn't realize how much I missed the hydro unit!...LOL. As far as the Z-Max is concerned, I tried it in the van before I put it in my tractor. The van immediately gained 4 MPG. I have went from 14 to 20 MPG since treating the van. Nothing else was done to increase mileage. I consider that good since the van has over 200,000 miles on it!
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