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does anyone know where i can get a pair of original goodyear or schenuit stud tread front tires as factory supplied on mid sixties landlord tractor.
also is there anyone out there who has reproduced the "Simplicity" and "Landlord" graphics?
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Hi Stu, there are a few members of our club that own Simplicity dealerships. One is Mark Waite at Univerisity Lawn Equipment,Inc. of Pontiac Mi.-phone 1-248-3737220 just tell who ever anwers you are calling long distance and that you need to talk to Mark one of the owners and make sure to tell him you are a member of our club. Another one that should be able to help you is one of our sponcers and his name of his bussiness is "KC Mower Shop" just go to any page on simple tractors and you will see his advertisment and just click on his button. His name is Larry Comer and may in fact see this and respond to your message. Another is Jeff Nemes and to find his site go to simpletractors and click on links and you will see his site. Anyone of these members may see you question and reply to it. Sorry about the decals but hopefully someone else should be able to help you some more. Good Luck->jackl-happyjack<-
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My local Simplicity dealer told me the stud tread front tires supplied on my approx. 1972-74 Landlord 3410 are no longer manufactured. Pls. let me know if you find any, or if you find the decals for the Landlord.
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Stu, Brian, Check Northern Tool and Equipment for the tires. I think I saw some very close to what your looking for in their new catalog. I have the same tires on the front of a B10. Tim
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They have everything. I bought some "old style" ribbed front
tires for my MH Pony. Great quality, great price.
I highly recommend this company, ME Miller Tire.

Check them out,

I cut and past this from their lawn and garden page...
We Stock All Sizes of Lawn & Garden Tractor Tires.
Please Contact Us For Prices on Your Size.

For shipping rates, please phone or email your shipping address.

Garden Tractor Tires

"Old Style" Garden Tractor Tires

410-4 2 TL Carlisle Stud $14.00
410-5 2 TL Carlisle Stud 15.00
410-6 2 TL Carlisle Stud 15.00
480-8 2 TL Carlisle Stud 18.00
480-8 4 TL Titan Turf Guide 22.00
6-12 2 TL Carlisle Turf 36.00

Garden Tractor Pullers
26/1200-12 Pulling Tires

Super Lug

Tru Power

Flotation 23

Pit Bull*

*Tempco's Pit Bull has a harder tread compound and flexible sidewalls which mean better gripping of the
track while providing longer wear. Pit Bull's full staggered chevron bar lug designed by Chuck Vogel to be
"Track Ready!" This means less cutting expense and a tire designed for universal applications!
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