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blade deck interchange


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Just went to help my uncle on his 3008 lawn tractor.
He said he was mowing when the left side hit a root,
so now whenever he mows the
left side grinds into the ground. I took the blade
deck off and checked runout on the left blade and
found it to be over 1/2 inch difference but the
real shocker was that the deck is so rotted that it
bent the bearing housing were it bolts to the frame.
My question is will my spare 32" deck off a Yoeman fit
were his 36" is,they look compatible but I haven't
measured yet. Any suggestions?
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6-5-99 @ 00:35


I had a similar problem several years ago. I took the
deck apart and had a local machine shop scab a repair
plate over the rotted area where the spindle mounts
and cut new square holes in the replate to mount the
spindle. Has worked great since then for several years.
Obviously the repair plate moved the spindle up or
down about 1/8" but it is not noticeable on the lawn.
Cost was reasonable. Hope this helps.
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Should work but you will probably need to find a belt to mate your "inter-breed".
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