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Memorial Weed


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On Saturday, September 15, 2001 Rev. Mychal Judge was laid to rest. For those who never heard of him, Father Judge was a Catholic priest, Chaplain of the New York Fire Department, who was killed while administering Last Rites to a fallen firefighter under the WTC. His friend, Father Duffy, gave the homily at Father Judge’s funeral mass. During the eulogy Father Duffy spoke of how a weed can find life, strength and determination in the smallest crack in the thickest concrete, just like hope. Today while I was doing my Fall cleanup, I couldn’t help but compare my war on weeds with the war on terrorism. I know how much effort is required to fight weeds, but by using chemicals, fire, machinery, and manual labor, they can be controlled. If you can afford to spend the money, blacktop or concrete is a permanent solution to weeds. But is it, or like evil can weeds only be controlled but never completely destroyed..? My blacktop driveway has developed a small crack, and sure enough, a small weed is growing. It occurred to me that I had been comparing weeds to terrorism. Then I recalled Father Duffy's words. Rather than cut it out and fill the crack, I decided to turn that weed into something positive. I will make that weed work for me, and my family. It is going to be a memorial to September 11, 2001. It will symbolize hope and how that can never be destroyed. It will also symbolize tyranny and oppression and how, if ignored, it will grow, spread, and destroy. It will also be a reminder that we must constantly work to preserve and protect our freedom.
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