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Kohler Engine Data


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6-5-99 @ 22:20

A friend of mine recently purchased a John Deere 214
with a Kohler engine. We would like to know what the
horsepower is, what year it was manufactured, and if
the engine is a short block replacement.

There are two (2) data tags on the engine cowling. I
think I remember reading that short block Kohlers are
provided with a second data tag.

Anyway, the data from the tags is:
First tag:
Model #K321AQS
Spec. #60311d
Serial #8040704

Second tag:
Spec. #4752243
Serial #1809501451

We will appreciate any information that can be provided.

Thank you,
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Sorry roy all I know is it is a 14 hp. Try kohlerengine.com yeah www.kohlerengine.com
sorry polo
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If you're still needing the information, I'll tell you what I think I know. First off, Polo is correct on the horsepower, which is 14. The first tag is the original engine tag, and it breaks down this way. The K341 is a Kohler 14 horse, the "A" means the engine has a different oil pan than the more commonly used, wider oil pan. (common on John Deere's) the "Q" means it's a quiet model, and the "S" indicates electric start. the seven digit serial # was used from 69'to79', your's is a 77'model. The other tag is most likely a short block tag that the engine received sometime in the past. The ten digit serial # makes the shortblock a 88' replacement. Hope this helps Tony.
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Polo and Tony,

Thank you!

I appreciate you assistance. You gave me what I wanted
to know.

Thanks again,
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