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You asked for em Truck pics

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truck 001.jpg

truck 003.jpg

Old tractor grill and 1957 ? Caddy flying lady hood ornament

truck 011.jpg

early B 10 with extended steering shaft & clutch

truck 002.jpg

725 and B1 rears

truck 004.jpg

shift shafts welded together, 1 shifter for both tranny's

truck 005.jpg

truck 006.jpg

truck 007.jpg

Extended front end to raise axle & use 12" front tires

truck 008.jpg

shortened lift under the seat clutches second rear end

truck 009.jpg

truck 010.jpg

Early b 10 frame front and 725 rear welded together

truck 012.jpg













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Thank you guys.

Again, this toy was all experimental. It does function fairly well, but I did learn quite a bit. If I ever did another, there would be several changes.

Tim; the duals are just bolted together through the weight holes, with a circle of plywood between the rims to keep them centered.

The ability to clutch the second rear is "overkill". With it dis engaged, the slightest depression or hump in the ground will lift the drive tires off the ground.

Therefor, the connection between the rears needs to flex at least a little.

The transmission (shifter) connection also needs some kind of flex or adjustment. Sometimes the second rear does not always go into gear. And because they were used, with different amounts of wear, it does shift hard.

The steering also needs attention. The steering arm is so long, that it flexes in the center, so right now it rides inside a c-clamp, so it can still move up and down with the axle pivot, but not flex outward. At one time, I let the kids drive it, they had it bent far enough it would only turn right :o

Also, with the length of it, and the sheer weight, you really don't turn the wheel much unless its moving. It steers "like an old truck" LOL

For proportion, the cab is pretty small. Not really comfortable for anyone over 3 1/2 feet tall.

Like all my projects, it was built out of "scrap" and never completed. The charging system was never hooked up, nor the choke. It was supposed to get "bug eye" lights mounted on the fenders. The dump is still manual. ETC.

Notice the 'wasted ' bgb between the rears. It was only used as a "spacer" and is actually locked up.

The engine, 23D, is so worn out, it has 90 wt gear oil in it. Because the drive shaft was lengthened and is not quite "true", at anything over 1000 rpm it will flex and hit the rockshaft, so all this engine ever does is idle. So she puffs a little bit of smoke, just like an old truck should. :D:D

In defense of that engine though, it is the only one, 2 springs in a row, that sat all winter and started on its own, without a jump, carb clean or points cleaning.

As for time, initially about 70 hours. It was a last minute thing, done in 1 week for a show. When I loaded it to go, the welds were still hot. :o):o)

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quote:Originally posted by Brettw

You got more invested in tires than I do in my entire collection!!:DLooks great!

id="quote">Shoot, I never finished the trailer, its only got 4, needs 4 more to be a true 18 wheeler. LOLI have the steers changed over to "street tread" still working on the rest. I think I have 3 street tread snow tires so far....And honestly, I don't think I have $100 cash invested yet. I remember buying 1 belt, some welding rod and a couple cans of paint....

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quote:Originally posted by MPH

In spite of the problems and short comings you just mentioned Dan, it's a pretty cool ole truck.

id="quote">My sentiments exactly......a great idea...

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that is a amazing! i don't of its faults, it makes all the more intersting.

hmm. now if i could only weld i could make something really neat like that.

darnit now i have ideas for when i get a better place to work and some real equipment!

great truck man, great truck indeed!

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Dan regardless of its abilities or incompleteness or whatever..it is still a tribute to your ability to quickly put together a design and build it in short order and have it do all it can is awsome...and the fact that it's made of scrap is even more astounding...

Congrats, That is a very cool design dOd

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Seems like a good candidate for one of the 15 or 16 HP engines sitting on your shelf. Putting a pivot in place of the bottom weld between the two rears with a stiff spring on top would keep both tires on the ground. Then, put a pivot on the shift shaft might work for that. Idk, I can't even rebuild a carb so that it'll work :(

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