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gas tank build

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Thought I had started a thread on this but can't find it so will start over. Bought a B206E that needed a gas tank. Couldn't find one, and didn't want to go to the tank mounted to the engine, so I built one. The pics show laying it out, and then the pc's after being cut. I had a shop weld it because my welding isn't so good. Then painted it and bolted it on. Steve


existing tank 2.JPG



























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Thanks for the compliments! The material is .105" thick steel plate that I picked out of the drop-off pile at a business near where I work that makes grain bins. The filler neck I made at work, copying the one on a 5 hp briggs engine with diaphram carb. and attached tank. That way I can use the cheap caps from Fleet Farm. I cut and bent the material, made the neck and the square tapped block for the barb fitting on the bottom, then had it welded at a shop near Appleton. He welded it, blasted it, and pressure tested it for $60, a bit pricy but a very nice job.


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Very nice Steve.

$60 sounds fair to me given the fact that it is a gas tank. Pressure testing for leaks is the part of the job that is most important. The welder doesn't want to do work twice.

Ask him how much he would've done it for if he would supply the metal.;);)

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Yes, I didn't complain over the $60. That is the charge for one hour, and I don't think I could weld and test it in an hour. I am fortunate to have a source for small pcs. of scrap sheet metal, it has helped me out a few times. And, it is nice to know after painting and mounting, I don't have to worry about it leaking.


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Im in the process of restoring a b-206 now and had no idea what the gas tank looked like b/c it was missing. This thread is awesome. I will be building mine next weekend. Thanks Steve.

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My tank doesn't look like the original, as far as I can tell. The original was more just an oval shaped tank with filler on one end and outlet on the other, mounted on end. I have a pic in my parts book that shows it in shadow on the page where it shows the engine, but nothing I can attach here. According to the specs, the original was two quarts, so I wanted to hold about the same. Mine figures out to hold about 2.3 quarts. The only downside to mine is you have to remove the tank to remove the recoil and housing. I attached mine with one 1/4 inch bolt thru the dash tower (there is a hole there, right behind the steering shaft that is used on the original strap that held the tank) and one thru the side of the tower on the bottom of the tank that I drilled myself.

Good luck with yours!


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I'd love to copy this idea, but I don't have the tools to make the filler neck. Do you have any ideas on where a guy might source a part like that? I have a small amount of metal shop skills left over from high school 25 years ago, but I have no idea how you'd go about to make that piece. Really cool stuff.


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