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Front PTO for 1" shaft?

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I received some very helpful advice regarding my tiller belt routing so next question as long as I'm here:

Is there a front PTO kit available for the Kohler KT17S motor in the GTH-L, or the Kohler Command motor in the Sovereign 18 Hydro? I'm using the blower off my old 712H, but with the crankshaft size being different I just put a pulley direct onto the motor to run it. Of course the downside is the starter has to turn the blower, and the blower is going whenever the motor is running. Any advice here?

Thanks again,


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It would be cheaper to buy the single belt snowblower hitch. There are some on ebay. Simplicity did make manual PTO for 1" and 1-1/8" shafts. They didn`t for the Command but they do show up on ebay from time to time for the KT 17.

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I currently run a pulley direct to the blower on my 7119/8. I will be going to a single pulley blower bracket and center PTO for drive, or I just picked up a KT19S with the mechanical pulley setup on the front. I may restore that clutch and install it.

So, to answer your question, yes there is a front PTO for the KT's, and there is also another option, the single pulley hitch and belt driven off of the center PTO. The Sunstars have an electric clutch that mounts to the Magnum engines (same as a KT), but I think the pulley size would have to be changed, if that is even possible, because it appears to be too small.

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Is it possible that clutch for the STX would work on a 3414 Briggs? I would like to convert my mechanical arrangement which is now bolted solid and cannot disengage the blower. Have to get this unsafe issue resolved.

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It should work. I have it on a 12hp briggs now but it came off a Kohler Deere. As long as you can get a stabilizer pin and a shaft bolt in the center you should be fine. Works like a charm.

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Thanks, I will be giving it a try. Will get it set up for next years snow season unless we get a break with no snow for a period of time. Too late for this year. I'm assuming it should be a fairly simple conversion. Can get a new Warner clutch for about $200. Looking for the safety factor.!!!

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