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Allis 20-year Pin

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I don't actually have this item - it's just a picture. I don't remember where I found it. I've had it since 2010. Possibly from another forum, or from ebay. I don't definitely know anything about it either. But it seems to be a 20-year service pin. I just thought it was kinda cool, and would fit right in here. Maybe someone knows more about it.

Allis-20yr Pin.jpg


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I'm not sure; but it's possible this pix came from Phil aka skunkhome. His father, I believe, was an Allis employee. Phil popped in here recently, not sure if he would have noticed this, or this little forum.

lots of cool stuff here, wow. I am amazed at some of the neat stuff that people have.

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There you go - and you have THE RING = wow. dOd

Yes, Phil is pretty proud of that heritage. His own tractor is actually a Simp restored and decal'd as an AC - pretty unique.

Phil was very helpful to me in my early nooby "daze". I remember, not having a camera, and him always bugging me with "Graham, where are the pictures"? I would write novels describing impossible problems - but no pix. People tried to help me - it was impossible. :D

I eventually got a camera, Phil - if you see this. sm01

Phil, I believe, was also the source of the alt. cross-reference chart I posted a few months ago.

"skunkhome" is a piece of history himself; and he is very knowledgeable and very helpful to a lot of people, on an ongoing basis. But there was nothing he could do to keep me out of the trouble I seemed determined to get myself into. Not much has changed; maybe a little. sm01

So, Thanks, Phil.

Peace. Keep on keeping on.

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