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Problem with a B-10 tiller install

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I have a few questions about putting a tiller on my B-10.First, after much heating, penetrating oil, and a large pipe wrench, I got the pivot to move on the tiller.


Should this move freely by hand? I'd like to take it apart to clean it up really good. I can see how the right arm comes off, but the shaft is welded to the left one. Can I take the left one out without opening the case? Does the pulley come off and then the arm, or does that lower shaft come out with it?Next, I installed the dual pulley setup and bent the arm that goes down to the upright to get just a touch of clearance on the brake band.


However, I can't get the pulleys to line up. The 3" pulley doesn't go on to the shaft very far. Here is a picture of the inner side of the left BGB pulley.


I have room to push the inner pulley on further, but right now it lines up perfectly with the center PTO for the deck....


Here are some pictures showing how far off the pulleys are-



Am I missing something here or doing something wrong? I got the 3" pulley off a parts B-10 I picked up from Bear last year. I need to find or make the belt guard and engagement mechanism once I get the pulleys lined up. I just posted a fresh classified ad loking for these pieces.One idea I had already is to have all that excess metal milled off the backside of that pulley so it goes on the shaft further without moving the inner one? If someone could post a picture of the correct setup, that would sure help.Thanks in advance for all your help!







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Cripes rokon, you hit the nail on the head. I just ran out back and looked at the pulleys. I get better tech support here at 10:30 P.M. on a weekend than I get from most companies during normal business hours!!!!!

Next question, how do I get the pulley off without wrecking it? I pulled on it a little, but I don't like how much its flexing. I took the setscrew out and soaked with penetrating oil. Next comes some heat, and as a last resort, I can always drill and tap two 1/4" holes in the center hub to get my bolt grip puller in there.

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Installing the inner pulley, as Dan says, also serves to retain the large washer on the BGB shaft against the BGB seal to retain it.

(Unless memory fails me, and I'm 73) I think the outer pulley (cast iron) installs with the hub facing outward (?). Dont forget to clean the BGB shaft, and grease it before reinstalling the pulleys.


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Ryan, did you try to mount the 3" pulley the other way on the shaft?

From your pic it look's like you might have enough room to get the proper belt alignment.

If you do have to pull the large pulley, use lots of pent oil in the set screw hole, heat and lots of patience. You may be able to get a pry bar between the pulley hub and the bgb.

Good luck........

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Sometimes the pulley on the tiller gets flipped also. That gives you a different starting point to line everything up.

Lucky for you you only needed the fire wrench and pipe wrench. The one I freed up was so bad I had to grind the weld take it apart, and use a 20 ton press to remove the pin. Put a grease zerk in to keep the pivot well greased.

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After soaking the pulley good, try to drive it on a bit farther first, this will break the bond between bore and shaft. Then work on pulling it. Assuming you have a bit of room to go on farther this usually helps.


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I use a pry bar or large punch and drive them off from the back so I can drive on the hub not the pulley. Its a little tough to get in there at an angle but it works.

Also, before you try to drive it off, drive it in just a tad, then clean the shaft with emery cloth first.

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Got the tiller set up....All the PTO pieces went together well


I had to make a longer rod for tensioning the last belt, the one on the tiller was too short????


Using a puller and a torch, I got this pin out, cleaned up and added the zerk. Moves nice now.


The turf tires stuck out past the tiller so I swapped in a pair of ags, they are on some ugly green rims, no idea what from.


Ag tires just look awesome on a garden tractor, no matter the width.


How many grease zerks are on this tiller? Thanks!






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