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Walk behind dump cart.

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dOdBought this off SW Mich. Craigs. Owner lived very close to Josh [Talntedmrgreen] who picked it up for me. Went to see Josh yesterday for a visit and to pick up the cart. Factory literature calls it a heavy duty sulky. If you remove box and axle/wheels you can fit a lawn roller in their place. I have a small Wonderboy roller for a pattern to make one for this app. These carts must be fairly rare as this is the only one I have seen in the flesh. Thanks again for your help Josh.













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Very nice cart! Didn't know there was such an animal out there. I just built a sulky for the wife to ride at the tractor shows, and now am fabricating a hitch to hook my dump cart to the sulky to carry chairs, cooler, etc. in and out of shows. That cart you have would have done the job nicely. Post pics when you get done with it, will look forward to seeing it!


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Hey Dave, I should have thought of it while you were here, but I have a nice stack of original brochures. These are the pics you mention above that are in my '57 edition...




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I have one of those here had it for years. Made a few brackets out of coduit and old steel seats.The trailers work great on a hoped up walk behind. Have fun with it they work great at shows. Bob

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Hello Dave,

Your cart appears to be missing the brake assembly as shown in the brochure photos.

The early walk behinds with solid axle and dog clutches on each hub tend to get sticky and will easily run away down hill.

Both the early, and later versions with the differential hub and tube axle can also pop out of gear and take off if the long spring on the shifter is not in place.

Be carefull sm01

Happy tractoring.

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