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Prepared for Winter

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Spent a good part of the afternoon converting the Landlord DLX from a mower to a snow pusher. Pulled the mower deck off, scraped and washed off the crud underneath and greased the spindles. If the weather holds, I would like to power wash it and maybe paint it better than I did earlier in the year, but that might wait until early spring, not real good painting weather here. Although it was my first time installing the snow blade on this tractor, it went fairly smoothly, though I have to keep track of a lift assembly that gets swapped out when the plow goes on. Finished off the job by installing chains and wheel weights. Chasing the threads on the mounting bolts made for a bit of extra work, but I got it all ready to fight Old Man Winter when he comes calling.


I wouldn't mind having a blower on it, and consign the Cub 102 or 129 to plowing, which is less power hungry. There are times around here after a Nor'easter goes through and the northwest wind on the back side of it picks up snow and drops it in my driveway for days afterwards, and a blade on a garden tractor class machine just won't budge it. I still have the 129 and a blower for it, but it lacks the horsepower to really get through the heavy stuff without constantly taking small bites. Been kinda looking for one for the Landlord though.


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