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7114 Steering

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I'm not familiar with the steering changes over the years on the RBT's, but my 917 (7117) is the easiest steering tractor I have. I was blown away when driving it the first time. If your setup is the same, something probably needs attention.

I had a 716 that steered like a tank. The spindles had eaten up the axle bushings, the rim/bearing was running against the spindle, and they were bare of any lube. New bushings, grease and a bit of adjustment, coupled with the thrust bearing add on, cured all of those woes.

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on 7014,7016simplicity&700 seriesAC thatihave should i not preventive maintance by spraying chain&cable lube up from the bottom onto steering gear aera & down the steering shaft they get very hard to steer then i remember to lube and it takes several applications and some time must pass for the lube to work in just loosened up a710 couple weeks ago.

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Our 7116 steered like that from factory new. Turns out it had a bent spindle. Something bent it either in transit, at the dealer, or at the factory.

quote:Originally posted by expediter

My 7114 steers like a " Mack truck". Anyone know why? I wish I could add power steering to it!


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Drop the mower, get under it, and lube up all the steering gears and bushings. Lack of grease is usually the problem.

My 7116H, my AC716H, and my AC713S all steer very easy. Makes me wonder why so many people are looking for power steering units.

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All kidding aside, I would also check the rubber and bronze bushing that goes through the dash. The steering shaft tolerances where it goes through the steering gear mechanism are tight, and as I recall there is no "bushing". If the rubber bushing is worn, you are trying to turn the shaft "cockeyed" as it were when cranking on the steering wheel, and thereby causing the shaft to fight the sleeve it passes through. The rubber bushing is still readily available at the dealer, and the biggest pain is removing the steering wheel to install it. Properly kept in alignment, this will help.

Hope that helps more than my Mack Truck comment.:o)

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I lube my 716 steering parts, etc. etc. Manual outlines grease points; but also says lubing moving parts with oil can. It ain't pow steering. I also try to not be "yarding" on my steering wheel. It's simply hard to turn steering wheel when not moving. :o What I try to do is apply some turning force to steering wheel, and nudge the hydro to barely make tractor move - which makes steering easier. Not always possible in tight places. I just indicate I want to turn, and let the tractor respond. (almost like pow steer)

Having said that, my future agenda includes going thru all steering system, and probably doing the "poor man's pow steer" trick, and likely new front wheel bearings.

Really my steering is kinda messy - it's just that it keeps on working, and not so bad with lubrication - lube is noticeable.

I had some drag link ball joint breakage; but discovered drag link not installed exactly right causing ball joints to fall apart due to gravity - yes, they s/b tighter - but when I match the shape of the drag link to the shape of the tractor, as intended, I presume, things get a lot better. Basic zen and the art of everything's ok. Let the tractor tell you how to drive it and maintain it. Add a little worry to that, and it works for me.

(also while lubing, it might help to remove some of the old crud, and/or keep parts clean, and the dirt down to a dull roar).

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My 7116 steers very hard. I took the steering gear out and totally clean and relubed. I reinstalled it and it was the same. I loosened the bolts a tad and it turned 1000 times easier. Tightened the bolts and it was stiff again. Someplace along the line something is bent or twisted. Maybe the mounting surfaces are not true??? I need to make up a shim or two to add to the offending bolts.


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