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Help me ID these weights.

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I have two sets just like them. I'm not sure what brand they are. I suspect they could be early Gilson weights. Both were originally painted yellow like the Gilson-built montgomery ward tractors.

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you got a great deal. those ebay prices are very creative - umm, kinda. Prices near me are all over the place - some people talk a dollar a pound. Some are $20-50I paid 65 for mine. Guy wanted 100. They're Bolens. 2x50 lbs. Pretty similar appearance. They just don't look like they weigh that much; until you pick'em up; or throw them on a scale. Surprise. What do yours weigh?Found this pix I forgot I had. They are very similar to yours.Rusty olde junk, eh. :DSame guy has the tractor for sale for I think $1500 - not sure, think it's an HT-20 repowered to 25ish - one huge tractor, makes my 716 look like a lil crapsman. 8)



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