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who's been inside a tiller

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Whats in there?? LOL

I just picked one up that skips or jumps when it's digging.

Is there some sort of chain tightener that may be loose or is it likely a sprocket or the chain going bad??

I don't have a model number, but its the second generation, or flat top model 32" for the Simplicity foot draggers.

Just looking for a little hint, since it looks like a complete tear down to get inside the case.

Or... anybody wanna buy a tiller that needs work ?:D

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quote:Originally posted by rokon2813

Whats in there?? LOL

id="quote">Never been there to see myself either..A frightenly dark and gloomy place I have never been courageous enough to goOO:D

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I did mine a couple years ago...

some good pics and diagrams in the thread


there arent any adjustments.... so maybe just a streched

chain or worn sprockets

maybe just take a link out of the chain..

Bob gave some good advice on the 32" tine removal here:


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