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Snowblower Belt Help

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I broke my snowblower belt trying to move some really heavy wet snow. I’m hoping someone can help me find the replacement belt number. My tractor is a 7116H, and I think my snowblower number is 1690548-7290. I searched and see a post which shows belt numbers 1666798 and 1719619 ( I think this is an old number). Can someone please tell me if these are the correct belts?

Thank you for your help!

Take care,


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The first number is for the belt when using the Sovereign tractor with a snowblower and running it from the center PTO. Alternatively, you can go to NAPA and get an A144 belt. It is a Gates belt and is 146" long. I have one on my tractor and is 30 some dollars instead of almost 60. I usually prefer Simplicity belts when they go around twists and turns, but in this application the belt runs pretty straight.

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I can confirm the gates 146" belt...30 some at O'Reilly or whatever you have locally. Make sure you have the idler pulley on the lower ear and the belt in the correct groove in the clutch. I can't tell you which one off the top off my head but I can go look if you need it.

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I'm a little late to the game here..... If you can find a dealer who sells Thermoid brand belts I recommend that brand. They have a higher HP rating than most others belts and work well. In another lifetime I worked for a bearing supply house and we sold Thermoid. I've had a Thermoid on my 7116 for three years and it shows no sings of wear or cracking. The Gates (new) on the blower when I bought it twisted and shredded with in the first two hours of operation. I made no changes except the new Thermoid. It won't be cheap but it won't fail either.


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