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106761 is an old part number to get you started.

Since most front pto attachments take the same pulley, and I happen to know one of the Landlord models is 990314, I just looked on simpletractors, grabbed a model number for a snow blower that fits that tractor, and went to the simplicity manuals site, and got the part number from that blower. ;)



It's not so hard for some of us "experts", we just take the time to look in the right places. :D:D

Guess I let the cat outta the bag.......}:)

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From Jacks;

PULLEY 04.500OD 1.001 PN#: 106761

has been superceded

to PN# 2156111SM

Our Price: $35.70


PN# 125067


Our Price: $39.95

But simplicity does show the 125067 as a pulley. Unfortunately no dimensions

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See BLT's first comment in this thread: http://www.simpletractors.com/club2/topic.asp?TOPIC_ID=122105&SearchTerms=pulley

It's interesting - a month or so ago I needed another one of these pulleys to put the snowblower on my 2012. I PM's you that part #, and although I gave you the # for a part that no longer exists you somehow managed to get me the correct pulley. Darn, you're good!

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When it comes to foot dragger tractors, part numbers mean very little to me. I tend to ignore them unless it is specific to a certain tractor.

I've torn apart and put together so many, I can look at pretty much any part and know what it fits and where it goes.

When I built my wifes B 10, it came from no less than 8 tractors, all the parts were on my shelves not labeled, and I didn't use any pictures.

I recently had a local customer ask to buy a complete tractor minus engine off my shelves from parts.

It took me about an hour of looking through the shelves and handing him parts. He ended up coming back twice for stuff I "forgot".

Once was driveshaft spacers and washers.

the second was a starter mount bracket, and I assumed he had those because he was using his engine.

The deal included all the nuts and bolts for assembly too. :o

At a swap meet this fall, I picked up a small piece of steel off a table full of antique car parts. Asked the guy what it fit, and he had no idea. He couldn't find it in any of his vast collection of car manuals.

It was NOS and fit many models of A/C and Simplicity and sold recently for $40 :D:D

I quite often use the Simplicity site to figure out what something fits if I have a part number. You put in a part number, and you can get a list of models that use that part.

I use Jacks website because it quite often gives dimensions for a specific part, since I might have the part on the shelf, but not know it's part number.

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I'm going back to my barn-o-goodies in the morning, and will check that guy's parts piles again as well. I had grabbed a handful of idlers and tiller pulleys etc, but there was so much in there that I need some daylite to give it a good look.

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