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difference between 300 and 400 s allis chamblers

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These parts are drastically different:

1. Front axle

2. Steering wheel and column (300 is a splined shaft, 400 is not)

3. Fuel tank (steel on 300, plastic on 400 and non-interchangeable)

4. Battery/Fuel tank support/dash/side panels: Do not interchange

5. PTO, the 300's had a manual PTO on the 310 standard, while all 400 models had electric

6. Running boards on 300's had rubber matts and 400's had raised perforations in the metal for non-skid protection,

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I have owned both (310&410) for 2 years now. I know there is a weight difference and several other items that I am sure others will point out! I have not torn into either one at this time, just routine maintenance.BOTH are prone to getting stuck in gear, usually reverse.The key to NOT getting them stuck is do not shift on the fly...rather come to a complete stop with clutch fully engaged before shifting to next gear. Wiz

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Someone did a thread on 'loader', and it showed pix comparing frames on 300/400 - the thinking was that the 300 frame was stronger looking, esp. in the front end area. (sorry no link) (was about 6 months ago).

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