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Ronald Hribar


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quote:Originally posted by Ronald Hribar

Using that link it appears that the hydro is direct driveAnd clutch just moves lever into neutral

id="quote">That's pretty much the way the Sunstars work. No clutch pedal, but the brake pedal(s) move the control lever to neutral.John U

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yes, and when I saw that on another sunstar thread, I thought it resembled an enormously complex safety nanny potentially wrought w problems; but I don't know. It makes more sense as a clutch, but still seems disruptive for unanticipated messy situations. I like direct controls - usually - and I don't quite get the point of disrupting "drive" with a function that's part of drive. And this is a foot control traction pedal, yes? It should stop itself. (confused). Perhaps if I drove one, it might make sense. That's not anticipated anytime soon - but it's interesting.

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